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About us

  • Photographs fuel emotions... they are a way for us to feel, to touch, to love. Fine-art photography gives us eternal images that remind us of the small things and the magical moments when they become a thing of the past. The different stages pass by so quickly, the pace of life is fast and furious and it is up to us... to keep the memories alive.

    I feel truly blessed that I have my two children and I know that all Mummies feel the same way! Infancy and childhood are a miracle brimming with emotion and beauty, and motherhood is the ultimate expression of unconditional love.

    With great enthusiasm and responsibility I combined my love for babies with my photography and editing skills. To optimize these I attended specialized seminars in Greece and then, more recently, I was trained by professionals abroad. The Newborn photo idea started out as a mere thought, but it was my passion for what I was doing that drove me to develop it even further. And so a fair number of years of creative work went by during which I also created my space, a studio, which fed my inspiration and helped me to turn what I love into reality.

    There is nothing more moving than the first captivating glance and hug. The first smile that was immortalized in a photograph, the uniqueness of a precious moment... For me, contact with your child or family is a real life experience, a magical exchange that hides your true smiles. Life moves fast but at least... luckily for us, stories have their photographs!

    Katerina Poultouhidou



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