• Babies are only babies for a very short time. They come into our world and they change it. Suddenly we get the feeling that no matter how many years pass by, we will always go back to the beginning. For us, this change, also becomes our main focus. Your newborn is intrinsically a source of ideas and emotions that make for the most tender images. Without a doubt, in the first two weeks, despite the fatigue and lack of sleep, you will try to capture their spontaneous movements. Babies are unpredictable and their expressions radiate a sweetness and innocence that can't be ignored! While your little one may be the most beautiful of subjects, they are certainly not the easiest one. This is why we recommend letting a professional handle the photo shoot, since they have the patience and knowledge to create the right conditions to safely achieve a unique result. Furthermore their artistic approach is essential. So, sit back and relax as you enjoy watching the professional photo shoot unfold before your eyes. You will reap the benefits of the shots taken for a long time to come!

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