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When can our newborn baby be photographed?

The ideal time period for photographing your newborn is the first 12 days of their life. During this stage babies sleep for a fair number of hours a day, which makes the process easier, and the newborns aren't disturbed. Their joints are supple and they don't suffer yet from colic. At this point we should mention that if the baby is some days older the photo shoot can still be carried out, but it might take a little longer. As the mother of two children, I can already relate to your thoughts and feelings... anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, concerns, am I ready for my baby's photo shoot? This answer is, ''yes you are!'', because thefirst ''magical'' days of your baby pass by so quickly and you will certainly want to be one of those happy Mummies who have their photo shoot done in good time. Be sure to schedule it in advance, ideally during the last month of your pregnancy, and rest assured knowing that you will have a professional who understands you and wants to create the best possible conditions for the ideal result for you.

Can a newborn only be photographed at the studio?

The studio, which we have set up with a lot of love, is the only specialized studio in Thessaloniki, exclusively designed for newborn photo shoots. Its natural lighting, which guarantees protection for your baby's eyes, the correct temperature, the necessary equipment and the wide range of accessories that we use for each concept make it the most suitable space for photo shoots and we recommend it in all cases. Nevertheless, in exceptional circumstances, if required, and upon request, we can come and take the photographs in your own space.

How long does the photo shoot last?

The length of the photo shoot will vary according to the circumstances. Usually, the younger the baby, the shorter the photo shoot, since babies sleep for a fair number of hours a day, which makes our job easier. Nevertheless, babies are somewhat unpredictable and various factors can slow down a photo shoot. A shoot can last 2-4 hours, or even longer.

What happens if the baby cannot sleep or is restless during the photo shoot?

Photographing newborns and children requires particular patience. If something untoward happens, we wait patiently and help the baby to relax by giving him or her time. This is something that we have allowed for, which is also why we cannot predetermine the duration of a photo shoot.

What do I need to bring to my baby's photo shoot?

We provide a wide range of materials and accessories for use in the photo shoot according to its concept and which cover the needs of all photo sessions.

Are the materials and backdrops used during the photo shoot safe and clean?

The safety of your child is our top priority. All the objects, materials and backdrops that we choose to use are safe and clean thus ensuring the ideal conditions for your baby's photo shoot.

When is the best time to take photographs of my pregnancy?

The best time is from the seventh month onwards, ideally the eighth since this is when you will have acquired the characteristic curved stomach of pregnancy. Of course circumstances and women's body types vary and the photo shoot can take place earlier or later accordingly.

Will the pregnancy shots show the weight I have gained?

I use special techniques during the photo shoot and corresponding techniques during the processing to show off the beautiful curve of the pregnant lady, without adding extra kilos to her silhouette.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or concerns you may have. Enjoy these moments because they pass by quickly and treat yourself to a memento!

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