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είπαν για εμάς

We brought the energy, work, knowledge and a piece of ourselves in order to do what we love! To create vivid and true images... They, in turn, recognized our efforts and said beautiful, heartfelt things about us... We are talking about the parents of our little protagonists! Many thanks to them for everything!

photo Είπαν για εμάς

Christina Yfantidou

"I decided to have a professional photo shoot with my baby and I don't regret it for a minute! He is changing so quickly that I think I would do it every year if I could, to keep the most beautiful photos of all his stages. Katerina was a true professional and was very sweet with him!''

Magda Tsorlini

"A child's most tender moments... in a unique and special way!!! Bravo Katerina! Your work exudes sensitivity and love!''

Maria P.

"Katerina created a safe, professional environment for our newborn's photo shoot and made us feel relaxed. It was an emotional moment for my husband and I when the e-mail arrived with the photographs of our little one. We looked at the photographs together laughing and crying at the same time."

Nikos, Dimitra Galanakis

"Super place!!! Katerina was perfect!!! Great person!!! A true professional!!!"

Sophia Karakouta

"Katerina's positive attitude made our little girl totally calm and cooperative. I think that she too enjoyed her first professional photo shoot!''

Liza Koukkou

"Dearest Katerina, you did a wonderful job, thank you! My children and I had a really great time working with you and the results were fantastic! Naturally we can't wait to do it all again... and next time we'll bring Dad along too :) Many kisses from America!"